Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Tea Party Douchebaggers Rant

I've seriously had about all I can take of the Tea Party Douchebaggers. They are the most ignorant and dangerous group of morons I think I've ever seen. Their blatant racism, general lack of any knowledge about anything they're talking about and overall stupidity are astounding. I have a few things I would like to point out and questions I'd like to ask...

1. How is it possible that these idiots can show up to peaceful discussions with loaded weapons, threaten to kill people, spout racial slurs, etc. and NOTHING happens to them for it? All of this, when I know peace-loving liberals who have been thrown into jail for making puppets. Yes, making puppets for a parade. Similar peaceful liberal/progressive types have had their homes raided and been arrested for having gray-water next to their toilets. Gray water, as in dishwater being reused to flush the toilet. Puppets and dishwater are grounds for arrest, but threatening people with violence and spouting racial hatred is okay? WTF country is this?!

2. The health care reform that passed was pretty much Republican health care reform. As in lame-ass, take away women's rights, support large corporations health care "reform." In fact, what passed is strikingly similar to the 1993 Republican Health Reform Plan. These morons who don't bother to educate themselves and simply enjoy yelling "fire!" in a crowded building are basically bitching about something their own party sponsored a decade and a half ago.

3. The current Tea Party movement has NOTHING to do with the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was a reaction to being taxed by a government with officials they didn't get to elect and an ocean away. The current Tea Party movement (whose members I like to refer to as "douchebaggers") are protesting the government of their own country that was elected democratically by the people of this country, a government that's trying to put taxpayer dollars to work for the taxpayers.

Basically, they're just a bunch of childish, violent, racist sore losers.


End rant.

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